An eye for an eye

First frost of the autumn, dark when I get up and dark in the afternoon,but it’s not all bad…the beautiful trees and leaves and the signs of nature retreating in preparation of re-generation and growth, nature and the seasons being the great metaphors and embodiment of the cycle of life.

Contemplating life, as one does from time-to-time, I discover the cheery thought that I am in the autumn of my life, with only the winter to ‘look forward’ to – sadly there is no spring or summer after that, at least not at the moment.

The rate that I am going I will be lucky to make it to winter, a careful assessment of the virtual carcass also known as my body leaves a depressing list of ailments, injuries and decay.

I won’t bore you with the full list, but wish to comment on two parts of my body.

The human brain is really a quite extraordinary organ with power, complexity and depth that we are only just beginning to fathom.

Quite apart from what it can achieve, think about the diversity of all of our minds, the complete polarity and singularity of thought.

Yet in spite of all this, if the brain is the chip that controls us all, the program management system (PMS) if you like (and do you? DO YOU like? No, me neither, in fact I dislike) what happens when we have a loose tooth?

Your brain monitors your breathing, your temperature, your heartbeat, your touch…yet when you have a loose tooth, no matter how much your brain tells you to leave it alone and try and preserve it, your tongue becomes some kind of rogue ferret that will not leave it be, never satisfied until it gets to the point where the only inevitable outcome is a visit to the dentist that leaves him leafing through the houses for sale in Country Life or adding his name to the Morgan waiting list, a merry song upon his lips as he discards the gloves covered in your blood and contemplates his bank account replete with your money!

Now the question I have here, is what is the difference between the mind and the brain?

I ask this because I am pretty sure that the mind looks at the result of losing the tooth (the Albert Steptoe Look) and therefore wants you to preserve it, but the brain is the PMS and recognises that the tooth is no longer effective and wants to abort.

The problem with that theory is that if you had, say, a dodgy heart, it would be trying to shut it down, so maybe no, though it is fair to say that the heart is generally more useful than the odd incisor (not for eating though, imagine trying to masticate a toffee with miniature hearts in your mouth instead of teeth, it just wouldn’t work. Mind you, equally, one large tooth in your chest would be as useful at distributing blood and oxygen throughout body as said miniature hearts!). So that’s one all in the Heart Vs Tooth stakes (this is what is known as one of the classics and has been run since the times of King George three weeks after the Derby at Michaelmas).

In many ways I am making my own point here – take for example the shear genius of Professor Stephen Hawking and my musings above and you will see the polarity.

My mind (or is it my brain) never ceases to amaze me.

I can sing you the theme tune to HR Puff ‘n’ Stuff (a kids’ programme from about 50 years ago), recite rock albums from start to finish knowing every word, note, instrument, member of the band, name of the producer etc… but have walked into a room at least twice today and forgotten why I’m there.

I have a constant musical soundtrack that goes on in my head…I like all sorts of music but mainly classic rock and derivatives thereof I guess, the seam, the rock, the foundation of which is the works of The Who, but for some unknown reason the song that just appears from nowhere on the most regular basis is ‘Do you know where you’re going to’ or ‘The Theme from Mahogany’ as it is also called…a decent enough song of its kind from Diana Ross but I have never seen the film (and judging by the write up I’ve just read on the internet never will, unless it is part of a correction treatment the same as that meted out on Alex in the ‘A Clockwork Orange’ and my eyes are clamped open, making me watch something I don’t want to!), and have no idea why it’s there…my dear old Dad used to like to get all ‘contemporary’ on us once in a while and play this kind of track but other than that who knows?

This wall of cobblers (not to be confused with Phil Spector’s ‘Wall of Sound’) is running in my mind all the time as life passes by, and I often wonder if everyone else is the same?

William Blake was supposed to be like this, gaining inspiration for his many artistic works and writings from visions and music which overwhelmed him (I’d be pleased if ever considered in the same breath as Blake…by the way, the two visions that flash up on my wall mind are ‘Ancient of Days’ an image anyone who went into Room 20 at Windsor Grammar School will always remember and ‘The Great Red Dragon and the Woman Clothed in Sun’, the inspiration for ¬†the amazing novel ‘Red Dragon’ by Thomas Harris…and of course the soundtrack has now jumped off of La Ross to ‘Jerusalem’, the 1973 version by Emmerson Lake & Palmer….pretentious, moi?!). I can’t say I actually have visions (not unless I want the local nerve specialist to be called) but music certainly can overwhelm me.

Jeeves is supposed to wear a very large bowler hat as a result of having a large brain fuelled by fish (that is to say he eats a lot of fish, there isn’t a boiler room manned – or is it fished – by fish, busily stoking a boiler)…so now my brain (or is it my mind?) tells me that saturation point has been reached (or is it word count telling me I’ve reached¬† 1000 words?) and that it’s time to cease with the erudition.